Environmental Efforts


Efforts in Mine Reclamation

Aggregate pits can be transformed into an environmental amenity. Everist has invested in the reclamation of mined land into wetlands which has established several types of wetland communities including wet meadow and shallow emergent marsh varieties. Everist Materials has already seen through and completed the award winning reclamation of over 30 acres of wetland and continues to venture on to new environmental projects.

Environmental Leadership Program

Everist Materials participates in The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP), a Colorado statewide environmental recognition and award program administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and their Environment Sustainability Program. Everist has already received the Bronze Achiever Award which entails meeting certain criteria listed below.

  • Recognizes facilities that have made significant achievements in improving the environment of Colorado
  • No serious violations for 1 year or criminal violations for 2 years
  • P2 efforts such as energy efficiency, waste minimization, water conservation

Everist is currently working towards the Silver Partner Award in efforts to continue the company’s growth of environmental leadership.


As a frontrunner in the efforts to keep a green organization in the mining industry, Everist Materials sees to it that the proper education and training is implemented among the staff. Courses on mining safety and health and air pollution detection are among some of the courses required for staff to attend annually. An Environmental Specialist is kept on staff full time, year round to monitor Everist’s environmental permitting and practices in recycled building materials across Colorado.

Green Operations

Not only does Everist Materials participate in environmental sustainability projects, but also in every day operations. Listed are some of the green methods practiced in day to day operations:

  • Water Trucks are continually running around the facilities to eliminate dust and ensure Everist is properly meeting all air pollution permits.
  • Recycled building materials like asphalt and concrete are reused. Asphalt is recycled back into a RAP (recycled asphalt product) Mix and concrete is recycled back into a Road Base product.
  • The concrete batch plant is completely enclosed within a building, significantly minimizing fugitive dust and reducing noise.
  • Water spray nozzles in the concrete batch plant control dusting and a plastic rubberized shroud us used to partially enclose the product and confine particulate emissions during the loadout process.
  • A vacuum system is used in the concrete batch plant to collect 99.9% of fugitive dust generated during truck loading; the dust is then re-loaded back to the feed hopper for re-use.
  • The hot mix asphalt plant uses a blue smoke return system that captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the heating of the oil and routes the emissions to a burner that combusts and destroys the VOCs.