Highway 14 & Yampa River Bridge Project in Craig

This is a bridge repair job with New Design Construction.

We have been working on this bridge repair job since November when we did crane assist 5.5’ wide caissons, then columns. We are now working on cap pours that required holes to be drilled through the deck of the bridge to fill the forms. This type of bridge repair has only been done one other time as they only divert traffic on the bridge for a select few pours. Other than that there has been regular travel on this bridge even through the period of time that Glenwood canyon on I-70 was shut down and all traffic was diverted directly through this project. We have two more pours like the ones with two pumps scheduled to happen sometime in April. Mike Hester and Wade Golden were the operators with Dale Tekler on a standby pump. Wade and Mike both did an excellent job making it go smoothly and working with the ground crew for New Design and the CDOT testers. – Dale Tekler

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