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All of our Colorado asphalt products are top quality, and always available on demand at competitive prices. Maintaining Superpave asphalt mix designs at each Colorado asphalt plant we provide:

Asphalt Mix Available at Silverthorne and Fraser
Recycled Asphalt Product
Available at Silverthorne and Fraser
Cold Mix

Available at Silverthorne ONLY


The process for mixing asphalt or recycled asphalt begins on site, using materials mined locally in Colorado. The aggregate is heated up and combined with the asphaltic cement oil. Everist Materials has three 150 ton hot asphalt mix storage silos used to store the different mix designs. We also have multiple cold feed bins at our plants which allow us to have different types of aggregate available for different cold asphalt mixes. That way, there is no down time for bin-switching. This efficient hot and cold asphalt mix system has given Everist the opportunity to contribute to many road projects in Summit and Grand County, Colorado.

Quality Control

Everist Materials maintains two fully capable aggregate testing laboratories and one volumetric asphalt laboratory on site at our Colorado plant. The quality control department staff regularly tests for Asphaltic Cement content, gradation and volumetric properties. We test for conformance with FHWA, CDOT, FAA and civil specifications and maintain Superpave Asphalt Mix Designs. Marshall Mix Designs are performed specific to project requirements and as needed.

Environmental Commitment

  • Colorado Recycled Asphalt Product: We put 20% recycled asphalt back into our mix at our Colorado plant. We take tear out from jobs as well as millings from the highway. Using the recycled asphalt product allows us to use less oil and cut back on the use of aggregates in the mix. All of these dumps are free for our customers to encourage them to bring the material in so we can put it into our RAP mix.
  • 'State of the Art' Lime System: Our pulse air baghouse prevents lime dust from escaping into the atmosphere while unloading trucks. The unique centriflow lime meter controls lime flow into the mix, by weight. This process is computer monitored and controlled which produces highly accurate mixes.
  • Double Barrel Mixing Drum: A unique drum allowing us to mix oil and aggregate outside the combustion chamber, which cuts down on pollution.
  • EPA Method 9 Emissions Certified: Every six months our staff is re-certified by the EPA. This is an important credential, which enables our staff to detect and ensure that emissions are within permitted standards.

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